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At Northern Skin Clinic we are personal trainers for your skin. We will make it sweat to achieve those results. We love a personal touch and will design a treatment to cover all areas of concern. We will diagnose and analyse your skin and properly discuss what mostly concerns you and then let us take it from there. You're in good hands.

After your treatment, a home skincare care plan will be prescribed to make sure that newly replenished, radiant skin stays that way!! 

You can also ADD to your quest for beautiful skin.

ADD ONS - Light Therapy

                   - Serum Infusion

                   - High Intensity frequency

                   - Microdermabrasion 

                   - Acne Treatment

                   - Peels


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We will: Cleanse - Tone - Steam - Mini Lactic Acid Peel - Mask - Serum- Moisturiser Designed to bring the skin back to life. An instant uplift. eliminating dry dead ski...
Quick Fix Facial
30 min
Combining cosmetic science with the intelligence of Lira cosmeceuticals, Firming Power Facial is a masterpiece for addressing premature ageing, age defence, severe dehydr...
Firming Power Facial
1 hr 15 min