Plasma Pen & Skin Needling


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Plamere Plasma Pen is the ultimate treatment for removing wrinkles, lifting hooded eyes and tightening the skin. The treatment is very comfortable and a much cheaper alternative to surgery (and of course much less downtime!).


The machine works by producing at its tips a tiny plasma flash. When this flash reaches the skin, it turns from a solid into a gas and leaves a small dot on the skin (which last between 1-2 weeks).

We then do multiple dots in a targeted grid to minimise the skin and tighten it. Results are immediate!

The procedure itself is non invasive and a great alternative to surgery, botox and fillers and can be applied to:

  • top eyelid lift

  • lower eyelid, bags and sagging skin

  • crows feet

  • frown line

  • eyebrow lift

  • top and bottom of lips

  • cheek and jawline

  • ears

  • nasolabial fold

  • neck

  • stretch marks

  • decollatage

  • age spots

  • skin tags

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Skin needling is the most natural and organic form of skin rejuvenation and collagen production.

It improves your skin texture, smooths wrinkles, fine lines and also softens scars.

Suitable for all skin types and areas of the face, neck, chest and hands.

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